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Cascadia Canning was started by a trio of beverage industry insiders and ex-brewers with a mission to make the canning process more transparent, and provide the highest level of quality control on-site, during the canning run. We serve craft brewers, cideries, wineries, and other beverage makers of all sizes in the Pacific Northwest. Whether you need a source for cans or a mobile canning line to come to your facility, Cascadia Canning provides custom a-la-carte and all-in-one canning solutions with a commitment to attentive and personalized customer service.


Mobile Canning will always be core to our business. We offer a high-quality service from a team of experienced operators that love their jobs and the customers they work with. QA/QC Equipment comes with every team, on every run to ensure we are doing all we can to present your beverage to market in ideal conditions.

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Hach Orbisphere 3100’s give us ability to test O2 levels at the tank and in the final package.

Paktech Applicator

Automated can-handle applicator removes the need for extra labor from your team.

Seam Inspection

CMC Kuhnke Seamview Systems are used throughout the run with a final seam integrity report provided at each visit.

Nitrogen Dosing

Nitrogen dosing allows us to package still and non-carbonated beverages like wine and coffee.

Outfeed Labelling

The most versatile form of branding your finished can.

Velcorin Dosing

Yeast inhibitor and microbial control agent used in beverages (like wine, cider, and juices) with fermentable sugars present in the finished package.

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